JUOCJacked Up on Caffeine
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Ngundeng said this Kiir will one day bring, probably bad news, to his people when he said "Kiir Nyal Dieng be ha juoc lom." Literally translates "Kiir Nyal Diing will bring me news." But the word 'lom' in Nuer is more of a 'gossip' than just a message or news.
In his song he said 'rol mac bi duac leer ba lik de theeng, lik gaan deang ba theeng, laathkeer cuare luak tong ke dier Ngundeng Bong e Longar, ce luac mar ke 'yiel juoc', ram luth kur cu luak bar, e ji guethni muong be ke nak.' The above song literally translates 'Jalaba I will beat and chase you and the thundering sounds of my beatings on you shall be heard; the thundering sounds of the children of God will be heard; soldiers don't build our nation while getting worried at the same time; Ngundeng Bong is like Longar, he once struck Luac with his rod; any one who obeys God, don't be scared; let the powerful talk, because I am going to kill them." Ngundeng also prophesied the final destiny of the whole Sudan and predicted disintegration of the whole nation.
"Ngundeng talked of 'dang mi yiel juoc," he replied.