JUONSJoint Urgent Operational Needs Statement
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Central Command, received a JUONS approval with funding for an indirect fire intercept capability.
Further, updates to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (General Services Administration, DoD, & National Aeronautics & Space Administration, 2005) should include language to support contracting for materiel requirements to satisfy JUONS and ONS.
To meet the mandated 15 and/or 21 day timeframes for JUONS andJEONS requires the secretariat to not only leverage his/her expert knowledge of the process, but also requires his/her to have a working understanding on how to quickly assess the issue across multiple disciplines to arrive at a Joint Staff position and recommendation.
The staffing goal for JUONS is 31 days to validate requirement, develop a Joint Staff position and determine if rapid acquisition efforts are required.
(Reprinted from Defense Science Board [DSB] Task Force, Fulfillment of Urgent Operational Needs [Washington, DC: Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, July 2009], 22.) Median Days to Median Days Median Days to Reach Generate Need to Validate Initial Operating Statement Capability JUONS (228)* 58 38 341 Navy (20) 107 78 206 USCM (16) 103 90 142 SOCOM (90) 70 49 177 Air Force (3) 118 32 120 Army (~6,700) 77** 38** 103** Median total days JUONS (228)* 437 Navy (20) 391 USCM (16) 335 SOCOM (90) 296 Air Force (3) 270 Army (~6,700) 218** Median Time in Days * Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of needs statements evaluated.
If this is not a viable option, an operational needs statement (ONS) or joint urgent operational needs statement (JUONS) (the latter if you are in a joint battlespace) is the next step in attempting to mitigate the capability gap.
The JRAC monitors, coordinates, and facilitates meeting the COCOM's urgent, operationally driven needs via the joint urgent operational need (JUON) process.
The Joint Urgent Operational Need process is governed by Title X, with supplementing deputy secretary of defense guidance, as well as Rapid Validation and Resourcing of Joint Urgent Operational Needs (JUONs) in the Year of Execution (CJCSI 3470.01), which is currently under revision.
Central Command (USCENTCOM) JUONS drove significant changes in training and organizations across the Combatant Commands (COCOMS) and services.
In recent months, as joint requirements are better identified to counter the rapidly changing challenges in the global war on terrorism, there has been a significant increase in the number of JUONs submitted by COCOMs that have become IWNs.
This sociocultural gap was identified and support was requested through multiple Operational Needs Statements (ONS) and Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statements (JUONS).
Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Capability Manager--Ground Sensors (TCM-GS) to integrate Counter RCIED--Electronic Warfare (CREW) across the Army's DOTMLPF domains (doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership/education, personnel, and facilities.) Statements of Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUONs) from U.S.