JUONSJoint Urgent Operational Needs Statement
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To meet the mandated 15 and/or 21 day timeframes for JUONS andJEONS requires the secretariat to not only leverage his/her expert knowledge of the process, but also requires his/her to have a working understanding on how to quickly assess the issue across multiple disciplines to arrive at a Joint Staff position and recommendation.
The staffing goal for JUONS is 31 days to validate requirement, develop a Joint Staff position and determine if rapid acquisition efforts are required.
JUONS are Combatant Commander identified capability gaps in current operations that if not acted upon will result in loss of life and/or critical mission failure.
Your AFSB (whether inside or outside CONUS) can assist in determining if another ONS or JUONS already exists that describes your capability gap, if technology exists that can satisfy your requirements, and if your ONS or JUONS contains the critical elements for acceptance.
Submitting a technically correct ONS or JUONS is a critical step and will eliminate stop-and-go staff delays that could prevent your unit from receiving needed equipment.
Army HTS was created in response to the USCENTOM JUONS and successfully deployed teams into Iraq and currently supports U.
The unclassified version of the Afghanistan JUONS provides a clear example of the operational gap.
Sociocultural data resides in many databases and there is no Joint Service database that is a one stop shop for all such data (hence the JUONS need).