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JUPJamiat Ulema-I-Pakistan (Pakistan political party)
JUPJunction Plakoglobin
JUPJugend Umwelt Projektwerkstatt (German: Youth Environmental Project Workshop; est. 1991)
JUPJornal Universitário do Porto
JUPJoint Underwriting Plan (Insurance)
JUPJoint Underwriting Participation (insurance plan used by Hawaii)
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Stay here to-night, and I will send Jup down for it at sunrise.
"Well, suppose it is, Jup," replied Legrand, somewhat more earnestly, it seemed to me, than the case demanded, "is that any reason for your letting the birds burn?
"Well, Jup, perhaps you are right; but to what fortunate circumstance am I to attribute the honor of a visit from you to-day?"
I have not been quite well for some days past, and poor old Jup annoys me, almost beyond endurance, by his well-meant attentions Would you believe it?
"What is the meaning of all this, Jup?" I inquired.
"Yes, massa, Jup climb any tree he ebber see in he life."
"If you are afraid, Jup, a great big negro like you, to take hold of a harmless little dead beetle, why you can carry it up by this string - but, if you do not take it up with you in some way, I shall be under the necessity of breaking your head with this shovel."
"Now, Jup," cried Legrand, evidently much excited, "I want you to work your way out upon that limb as far as you can.
Sahibzada Hamid MehmoodFaizi and other JUP local leaders participated in the Kashmir Solidarity Walk.
Sahibzada Hamid Mehmood Faizi and other JUP local leaders participated in the Kashmir Solidarity Walk.
The JUP leader said the teachings of Islam and the instructions of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) must be followed if the faithful wanted success in life and the life hereafter.
Awais-led JUP is a part of the MMA, which has given ticket for NA-227 to Karamat Ali Rajput, a JUP candidate.