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JURJournal of Undergraduate Research
JURJuristisch (German: legal)
JURJournal Use Reports (Thomson Reuters)
JURCollectie Jurisprudentieverzamelingen
JURJoint Uptake Ratio
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The Jur team is led by co-founder and chief executive officer, Alessandro Palombo, who is a lawyer by profession.
Ameerika 'America' (land unit, ADS), Ameerika mets 'American forest' (PNA), Ameerika poik 'American Cross' (PNR), Ameerika tee 'American Road' (PNR), Ameerikanurga 'American Corner' (land unit, ADS), Ameerikaplatsi 'American Square' (land unit, ADS) (Jur) < Ameerika 'America'.
(23) Sentencia de 19 de mayo de 2015(JUR 2015 132474).
"Imagine coating a textile fabric so that each fiber has the same nanoscale-thick coating that is thousands of times thinner than a human hair - that's what atomic layer deposition is capable of doing," Jur said.
No se otorga distincion especial a los trabajadores afectados por discapacidad o por enfermedades cronicas que puedan tener incidencia especifica sobre las condiciones de trabajo para variar su factor de peligrosidad, penosidad o exposicion a los riesgos laborales", STSJ Cataluna 23 enero 2008 (JUR 138737).
Me interesa resaltar como las decisiones de Audiencias son variables en algun caso, por ejemplo, el cambio de domicilio de la madre puede motivar el cambio de la atribucion en la Sentencia de la AP de Barcelona (Seccion 12*) de 20 de septiembre del 2001 (JUR 2002/3713) -al afectar a la estabilidad emocional del menor- frente a la de Zamora de 12 de septiembre del 2001 (Aranz.
ResultsPlus points Westlaw users to related information sources such as American Law Reports and Am Jur and suggests West key number queries to further refine their search.
[ANCR: Censo 1904 y Censo 1927 N.80, Jur. Alajuela J.
The court found that the inmate's claims could lead a reasonable juror to find that there was a custom of deliberate indifference at the corporation, and a report by a state agency that expressed concerned about follow-up procedures at the facility also presented an issue of fact for the jur y.
Jur. 2d Restitution and Implied Contracts [sections]11 (1973).
(7) See generally, 15A Am Jur 2d, Community Property (Lawyers Coop.
Jur Strobos, a Washington, D.C.-based consultant and former policy director at FDA, believes "the health claim system will rise or fall on the success of this particular health claim." If consumers believe it and eat accordingly, he expects the next petition to seek a health claim for soy protein, "which also has a strong cholesterol-lowering effect."