JURKJuridisk Radgivning for Kvinner (Norwegian: Legal Advice for Women; Norway)
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The practicality of the SURPS can be evidence by the fact that it has been translated into different languages such as: Sinhala (Chandrika et al., 2009), Dutch (Malmberg et al., 2010), Chinese (Siu, 2010), Korean (Saliba et al., 2014), French (Castonguay-Jolin et al., 2013; Jurk et al., 2015), German (Jurk et al., 2015), Portuguese (Candfield et al., 2015) and Japanese (Omiya et al., 2015).
For example, the psychometric properties of the French version of the SURPS have been examined in a Canadian sample (Castonguay-Jolin et al., 2013) and also in a French sample (Jurk et al., 2015).
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Our findings are relevant to the potential for air pollution to affect CAD, because sP-selectin activates both leukocytes and endothelial cells and induces adhesion of leukocytes to platelets and to endothelial cells (Jurk and Kehrel 2005).
* 16.00: Mr Piebalgs to meet the Labour Minister for the Saxony Region Mr Thomas Jurk.
(72) Examples of modal and scope particles as ILPs in Jasmijn (1;10-1;11) gaag: gaag melluk indoen (1;11) `would-like milk in-do' eve: eve melluk pakke (1;11) `want-only milk get' eve kijke poes (1;11) `want-only look kitty' ook: Mijnie ook heppele (1;10) `M want-too help' dit ook melk indoen (1:11) `this want-too milk' zelf: Mijnie zelf doen (1;11) `M want-myself do' (73) Examples of modal and scope particles as ILPs in Andrea (2;0-2;1) graag: gaag boekje leze (2;0) `would-like book read' ikke hier bijve gaag (2;0) `I here stay would-like' eve: eve jurk uitdoen (2;1) `want-only dress out-do' papa eve make (2;1) `daddy should-just make' ook: papa ook hebbe puzzel?
Thorsten Jurk and his colleagues presented a first-of-its-kind study in which passive collection systems were used to measure levels of 29 volatile organic compounds in the air of participants' homes over a 4-week period.
Inventors: Prabhu Kavimani Nagar, Rene Jurk, Klaus Werner Stoeckelhuber, Amit Das, Andreas Leuteritz, Gert Heinrich and Basudam Adhikari
This might be caused by the availability of the analytic pattern (see die bloes van jurk in the first column).
Although cell senescence per definition denotes a permanent growth arrest of proliferation competent cells, recently, Jurk and others have shown that some features of cell senescence, including DDR, also apply to postmitotic neurons in vivo [62].
Christian Hintze, (1,2,3) Radek Stocek, (4,5) Thomas Horst, (1,2) Rene Jurk, (2) Sven Wiessner, (1,2) Gert Heinrich (1,2)
Stockelhuber, D-Y Wang, R Jurk, J Fritzsche, H Lorenz, M Kliippel, and G Heinrich, Adv.