JUSAJawatan Utama Sektor Awam (Malay: Public Sector Superscale)
JUSAJapan United States Association (Cornell University; New York)
JUSAJunior United Soccer Association
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Aside from tourism, Jusa disclosed that they are also working on promoting rattan products made by Mamanwa tribe in Las Navas.
Carrigan, Grupo JUSA CELL (Boston: Harvard Business School, 1994).
Ah'd like to scare ol man Hawkins jusa little" (26); or that Jenny's death is symbolic of Dave's betrayal of his mother, or of the treatment of women workers generally under Depression-era labor structures - students prefer to revert to the fictions of merit and equal opportunity in a "free market" economy, and to assert that Hawkins's treatment of Dave, his demand of two dollars a month for the next twenty-five months, is a perfectly fair resolution to the story of Dave's incompetence.
Other DIMP recipients are fashion designer and managing director of Riffai Couture Sdn Bhd Mohd Riffairudin Husain, Works Ministry's Development and Privatisation Division Under Secretary Zahrul Hakim Abdullah, Federal Court Chief Registrar's Office's Law Reporting Divisions' Deputy Director 1 (Jusa C) Balqis Aini Mohd Ali, television personality Mohamad Dahlan Md Maamor and Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital Termerloh's Board of Visitors' chairman Sarif Azib.
El grupo de actores, encabezados por Gines Cruz, Axel Arenas, Gabriel Hernan, Eduardo Vangel, Alfonso Jusa, Xavier Nogueira y Juan Carlos Saenz, encarnan las esencias dramaticas, todas son Xavier y ninguna en su totalidad.
Malay Mail understands that all the senior government suspects held Grade 44 till the Public Sector Major Post (JUSA) B grade and served in the research department of the Prime Minister's Department.
La segunda temporada de Xavier Villaurrutia/La estatua asesinada, drama poetico escrito y dirigido por Gonzalo Valdes Medellin, se llevara a cabo en el Teatro Benito Juarez de la Secretaria de Cultura del Gobierno del Distrito Federal, a partir del 13 de noviembre, todos los miercoles y jueves, a las 20:00 horas, con el siguiente reparto: Gines Cruz, Axel Arenas, Juan Carlos Saenz, Eduardo Vangel, Xavier Nogueira, Gabriel Hernan y Alfonso Jusa. Musica original y ejecucion en vivo de Jesus Balderramos y Alberto Mendoza Bernabe.
The DTRB is specifically aimed at higher-ranked Jusa C-level officers.
The entertainment allowance for senior government servants on grade Jusa A and above will be deducted by 10 per cent effective July this year.
The rest where the majority of the civil servant are graded as JUSA A (RM8,465-RM17,331), JUSA B (RM7,788-RM15,900), JUSA C (RM7,189-RM14,587) and some falls under 54.
Mahdzir said the addition of grade DG 56would also allow Grade 54 education officers a chance to move another step if they could not go to the JUSA C grade (One of the three Public Sector Major Positions above DG 54).
She said the government will ensure that the court administration and the Attorney General look into several approaches, such as promoting judges to Grade Jusa C so they have the experience and expertise when handling such cases.