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JUSCOJamshedpur Utility and Services Company (Tata Steel)
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JUSCO is responsible for the management, construction, operation and maintenance of township and utilities of Jamshedpur.
In addition, the Jusco supermarkets, owned by AEON Co Ltd of Japan, conducted a stringent factory inspection for American Lorain's pickle products in its Dongguan subsidiary with respect to procurement, production, storage & transportation and hygienic standards, which also yielded satisfactory results.
CHINA: RETAILERS BY NUMBER OF OUTLETS (BY GLOBAL BRAND OWNER) 2006-2009 Channel Brand GBO name 2006 2007 2008 2009 Hypermarkets Jusco AEON Group 11 12 13 15 Convenience 7-Eleven Seven & I 326 500 582 634 Stores Holdings Co, Ltd Department Ito-Yokado Seven & I 8 10 11 13 Stores Holdings Co, Ltd E-Mart Hypermarkets Shinsegae 7 12 18 29 Department Store Co Ltd E-Mart Hypermarkets Shinsegae 7 12 18 29 Department Store Co Ltd Source: Euromonitor international
Private companies such as JUSCO have managed water supply efficiently in a handful of cities, and now state gover-nments are increasingly realising that it may be time to tap those resources.
Aeon, the operator of Jusco and MaxValu supermarket stores, and Japan's top mobile phone carrier will aim to establish the new company with 800 million yen in capital by May 25.
(Talbots), a national retailer with locations in Maryland, transferred its intellectual property (including the Talbots trademarks) to Jusco BV, a related foreign holding company.
The Beijing unit, a Jusco store, opened in the 1.68 million-square-foot Aeon International Shopping Mall.
Mycal also entered bankruptcy proceedings and was restructured by Aeon, a retail holding company formed in 2003 on a core based on Jusco. Seiyu and Seibu also flirted with bankruptcy; Seiyu came under the control and management of Wal-Mart and Ito-Yokado took over Seibu.
After a deregulatory measure that took effect in 2005, Kyushu Electric began delivering last November about 1,500 to 2,500 kilowatts of electricity to a Jusco supermarket in the city of Hiroshima, operated by mass retailer Aeon Co., according to the officials.
and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., started reception duties as a ''shop clerk'' at Jusco Park Place Oita store.
In Shenzhen, two groups - one with up to 10,000 people - marched past a Japanese-owned Jusco department store calling for a boycott of Japanese goods, said Chiharu Tsuruoka, Japan's vice consul general in Guangzhou.
Para ser jusco con codas las conexiones, los ejecunivos de Ia TV Americana han desarrollado tin sisrema en el quc codos los productores deben "lanzar" sus programas.