JUSMAGJoint United States Military Advisory Group
JUSMAGJoint United States Military Assistance Group
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Yet incredibly, there is only one USMC officer on the JUSMAG staff and none at the Defense Attache Office.
The JUSMAG menu was all-American: beef stew, pot roast, roast beef, spaghetti and meatballs, cheeseburger, blt sandwich, pancakes, waffles, breaded fish fillet.
He will receive the Presidential Saber award from the Commander-in-Chief President Aquino and other seven awards from PAF, Academic Group Award; Management Plaque Air Force Professional Courses; JUSMAG Award; General Antonio Luna Award; and Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award.
BCDA collected from Megaworld Corporation the P873 million minimum annual secured revenue share for the year 2013 arising from the JUSMAG disposition in 2010.
As the Executive Director of the Presidential Commission on Visiting Forces Agreement, Undersecretary Oban was (1) acting in his capacity as an executive officer, and while acting as such,(2) openly defied (3) the order of The Honorable Regional Trial Court, Branch 74 of Olongapo City, which it issued within the scope of its judicial authority and jurisdiction, when he failed to commit Pemberton to the AFP Custodial Center and delivered him instead to the JUSMAG detention facility in Camp Aguinaldo.