JUSTASJoint Unmanned Surveillance Target Acquisition System (Canada Air Force)
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The primary mission of JUSTAS will be the defense of Canadian territory, including the Arctic and maritime approaches.
The program is known as the Joint Unmanned Surveillance Targeting and Acquisition System (JUSTAS), and is currently in the limbo stage of so-called 'options analysis.' Despite years of attempting to get the ball rolling, since 2006 the government has been putting off the JUSTAS project due to tight budgets.
Suffolk Police said a batch of recently seized drugs match the description of pills thought to have been taken by a 24-year-old, named in a reports as Lithuanian labourer Gediminas Kulokas, who died in Provan Court, Ipswich, on New Year's Day, and a man named in reports as 22-year-old Justas Ropas, who died in Bramford Lane, Ipswich on Christmas Eve.
En efecto, el decreto singular no solo constituye una determinacion, un acuerdo, una decision que mira a reforzar eficazmente el bien de la Iglesia, sino que, para que posea esa capacidad de incidir favorablemente en el interes publico eclesial, ha debido proceder de una serie de actuaciones justas y oportunas.
But it is thought likely they will make space to talk, justas they did in September, in what Old Trafford officials"I'called then a "chancemeeting", despite the ODDSagainst such chance in thevast city.
The Conservative Movement's Committee on Jewish Laws and Standards has justas in within the last few hourspassed a responsum (a rabbinical ruling) on same sex weddings including a template and model for a wedding ceremony and for marriage dissolutions.