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JUSTISJoint Uniform Services Technical Information System
JUSTISJUMPS Standard Terminal Input System
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JUSTIS (1993) "Franchising, Liquidity Constraints and Entry", Applied Economics, 25, pp.
Son nuevas en el franquiciamiento y operan en un entorno incierto que requiere una estrecha coordinacion para asegurar el uso eficaz de los recursos (Castrogiovanni & Justis, 1998; Mintzberg, 1979).
Justis Gibbs, 11, chose Samuel Smurf for his character.
The 21-year-old, real name Justis Richert, claims she was pulled over in her car by the officer for allegedly speeding on May 7 outside Nashville.
The Justis Project, funded by a committee representing further and higher education institutions across Wales, England and Scotland, looked at the use of electronic services among students.
Legal electronic publisher Justis Publishing (London) has entered into an agreement with Oxford University Press (OUP; London/New York) to index OUP's full catalog of legal journals on its legal reference citatory service, JustCite.
Empirical research of franchising may also suffer from insufficient recognition of the developmental influences on franchise outcomes (Castrogiovanni and Justis, 2002; Julian and Castrogiovanni, 1995).
Yet the field report from Rick Justis, an area sales manager for Johnson Controls, is that mass scale outsourcing isn't nearing tidal-wave proportions--it's more like the tide itself.
Young and small firms (1) confront pressure to grow rapidly and build economies of scale in areas such as advertising and purchasing (Caves & Murphy, 1976), but they often encounter difficulties in raising the capital required and in developing the necessary managerial talent to grow rapidly (Martin & Justis, 1993; Shane, 1996).
Four of those no-hitters were thrown by Walter "Smoke" Justis, and the sports editor of the Newark American Tribune later said, Brown "more than anyone else [was] responsible for the splendid showing made by Justis for he alone could bring the Big Smoke back to earth after an ascension.