JUSUJaffna University Student Union (Sri Lanka)
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Caption: Figure 1 Gongoli performed by Jusu 'Mandela' Massaquoi for King Hassan Jalloh and the Warrior Cultural and Mystical Power Dance Troupe, Kailahun, Luawa Chiefdom, 2011.
"Ar jusu institucija, padalinys taiko indeksus nurodytoms veikloms vertinti:
Nuostaba neturi nieko bendra su jusu ziniomis ar zinojimu.
Margaret had a favorite Lithuanian saying: I jusu sveikata!
Lamin Jusu Jarka had both his arms hacked off below the elbow during the country's brutal decade-long conflict between 1991 and 2002 when an estimated 50,000 people died and at least half a million were displaced.
(15) As noreciau isgirsti jusu? nuomone?, pone Semenoviciau...'I would like to hear your opinion, Mr Semenovicius ...';
Yesterday, a team from the Runcornbased Joint Underwater Search Unit (JUSU) hired a remote controlled underwater probe to recover the body.
Kenema, Sierra Leone -- Soldiers who were themselves children drove fourth-grader Abu Jusu to go to war.
She picks up Jusu (Robin Svartstrom), a hitchhiker who unwisely rejects her overeager sexual advances; he becomes the first victim of this deranged "collector," who later kidnaps Anja (Rea Mauranen), a middle-aged woman who happens to be a collector herself - of butterflies (an echo of the Wyler film).