JVAPJoint Vaccine Acquisition Program
JVAPJoint Venture Agroforestry Program
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JVAPJuvenile Victim Awareness Program
JVAPJoint Vulnerability Assessment Program
JVAPJoint Venture and Association Program
JVAPJoint Vulnerability Assessment Process
JVAPJoint Venture Analysis Plan
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First, biodefense vaccine management transitioned from the MIDRP to the JVAP in 1998, accounting for the associated funding spike and then dip.
89) Biodefense vaccines, on the other hand, are developed by the JVAP as an ACAT II "major system" program under the JPEO-CBD.
Clayson, JVAP Product Management Office, JVAP overview presentation slides, 30 May 2003, slide 5.
85) On the other hand, the JVAP develops biodefense vaccines as an ACAT II "major system" program under the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense.
Nidel, JVAP Office video, accessed 5 December 2009, http://www.