JVASJuniata Valley Audubon Society (Pennsylvania)
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The Commission on Audit, in its 2018 HGC Annual Audit Report, warned that entering into new JVAs with the same developers will put the HGC at a "disadvantage" due to the previous accomplishment record of the two firms.
UNCONDITIONAL CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS: The project's entire output is purchased pursuant to joint venture agreements (JVA) with 42 municipally-owned electric systems that obligate the participants to pay for their respective shares of all project costs.
'In fact, under the 1987 Philippine Constitution, there is now an express provision allowing JVAs involving the exploration, development and utilization of natural resources.
Like all supermassive elliptical galaxies, JVAS B1938 + 666's gravity can deflect light passing by it.
Big bluestem plants grazed at JeAS had about 30% less (P < 0.1) rhizome mass density than plants in paddocks grazed at JvS, JvAS, and JeS (Table 4).
Such efforts also have precedents in Haiti, as the JVAs frequently took referrals from local human rights organizations.
Like his predecessors, Prior has been trying to persuade Abuja to convert the main oil producing JVAs to PSCs as was proposed in 1996.
Daukoru is one of the main forces behind two other major changes: a conversion of the joint venture agreements (JVAs) involving the main oil producing investors to production sharing contracts (PSCs), which should stimulate foreign companies' spending in new oil E&P, including a shift of big capital to deep-water areas, as well as relieve NNPC of its burden of financing its share of the spending (see the main producers' profiles in Part 2 - OMT & Gas Market Trends No.
But the government is to replace all of its joint-venture agreements (JVAs) with production sharing contracts, which will reduce its funding burden (see profiles of fields and operators in Part 2 next week).
Manila markets will be rehabilitated for free, he said of the JVAs.