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JVDJost Van Dyke (British Virgin Islands)
JVDJugular Venous Distention
JVDJet Vapor Deposition
JVDJournal of Veterinary Dentistry
JVDJharkhand Vikas Dal (Indian political party)
JVDJoint Venture Development
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De modo geral, tais pesquisas apontam que ha precariedade nas condicoes de atendimento das delegacias da mulher, dos JVD e dos demais servicos.
We also thankfully acknowledge JVD Pharma Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi for providing us letrozole tablets (EvaletTM) for our experimental use.
Symptoms such as headache, confusion, twitching, irritability, hypertension, bounding pulses, increased central venous pressures, and jugular venous distention (JVD) are often noted in hypotonic patients.
Highlights at the Jampro stand will include its JAT-U UHF broadband super turnstile antenna, JUHD UHF broadband panel antenna, JVD UHF Antenna, JUED and JUCD elliptical/circular polarised broadband UHF panel antennas, and its family of RCEC affordable mask filters.
GenMark currently markets three tests that are FDA cleared for JVD use: Cystic Fibrosis Genotyping Test, Warfarin Sensitivity Test, and Thrombophilia Risk Test.
She had mild jugular venous distension(JVD) and bibasilar rales on chest examination.
Oral exams for caries was by one examiner (JvD), after calibration, using the WHO criteria.
A1 Procurement JVD (A1), a joint venture of A1 Procurement LLC and Satellite Janitorial Company, Inc., of Miami, Florida, requests that our Office recommend the reimbursement of A1's costs of filing and pursuing a protest challenging the award of a contract to HamHed LLC, of New Albany, Indiana, by the Department of the Army under request for quotations (RFQ) No.
Cases ranged from the treatment of an individual following a total hip replacement who was diagnosed with a deep venous thrombosis, to a patient following a Q wave MI who presented with pedal edema, jugular venous distention (JVD) and crackles.
Eca n'a pas ete une chose facile, mais grace a la disponibilite des partenaires egyptiens, JVD International a consenti cette ristourne importante pour repondre a l'attente des concurrents.