JVKJack Van Klaveren Ltd. (est. 1968; St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada; horticulture supply)
JVKJaunojo Verslininko Konkursas (Lithuanian: Young Entrepreneur Competition)
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JVK: I can just see one of the presidential candidates saying, "That's a great idea!
JVK: When you say criticism, do you mean it would be like Rabinowitz's institutional criticism, which would be like feminist or deconstructionist?
JVK: Do you see a variation of that where you're arguing that university professors should employ students' non-academic interests as objects of study and so on.
JVK: My next question--the growing divide between those of us who came of age in the 50s and 60s and the 22-year olds.
JVK: What do you do to just stay with touch with the sort of things that interest the younger students?
JVK: Madison, Wisconsin has one of the first of Robert Redford's Sundance movie theaters, and they show most indie films and European films and that sort of thing.
JVK: Let me flip to Clueless in Academe for a minute.
JVK: When you say big groups what are we talking about?
JVK: There really is a "mixed message curriculum," especially in our field, I suppose in chemistry there are prerequisite courses where everybody has to learn certain basic stuff.
JVK: Would you like to talk about the MLA for a little bit?