JVMLJava Virtual Machine Language (computing)
JVMLJim Vass Miniature Locomotives
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Experiments, described in [4], confirm that JIT compilers using SafeTSA run faster than those using JVML code, reducing the cost for dynamic optimization of some programs by up to 90%.
(6) And, in fact, the prototype implementation of SafeTSA based on the Jikes Research Virtual Machine supports intermixing classes loaded from both SafeTSA and JVML class files within a single executing virtual machine [4].
This section briefly reviews the :framework developed by Stata and Abadi [1999] for studying JVML. We begin with a set of instruction addresses ADDR.
Showing that the program ends with a valid stack is important because the return value for a program, or method in the full JVML, is returned as the top value on the stack.
The combination of these features yields a sound type system covering the most complex pieces of the JVML language.
This section studies verification of JVML constructors using [JVML.sub.c], an extension of [JVML.sub.i].
This analysis for constructors is combined with the analysis of normal methods in a more complete JVML model currently being developed.
Such rules would also give implementors of the rest of the VM an unambiguous statement of what they can and cannot assume about legal JVML code.
From a typing perspective, JVML is interesting in at least two respects:
--In JVML, a location can hold different types of values at different program points.
JVML subroutines are subsequences of the larger sequence of bytecode instructions that make up a method's body.
It defines a small subset of JVML, called JVML0, presents a type system and a dynamic semantics for JVMLO, and proves the soundness of the type system with respect to the dynamic semantics.