JVMSJava Virtual Machine Specification
JVMSJudge Vendor Management Solutions (aka StaffingLogic)
JVMSJohn Vincent Marketing Services Ltd. (UK)
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Automatic discovery and monitoring of business transactions; Lightweight Transaction Profiling, with just 2 percent overhead under full load; Analyze Transaction response-time, system resource, JVM and Java Management Extensions (JMX) metrics in a single dashboard; and Supports monitoring and alerting on any code in an application.
Once the client is authorized, the server retrieves and transmits a custom class loader to the client who loads it into his Java virtual machine (JVM).
Sun subsequently prosecuted Microsoft for breaking the terms of that licensing deal after Microsoft, unsurprisingly, modified its JVM to run faster in Windows.
Cellon plans to incorporate esmertec's JVM on a GSM/GPRS wireless platform which will be commercially available by the middle of this year, as a first step to deploying Java technology across its handset range during 2003.
There is a JVM for each of the leading operating systems.
The Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) [Remote Method Invocation Specification] mechanism enables distributed programming by allowing methods of remote Java objects to be invoked from other JVMs, possibly on different physical hosts.
To the authors' knowledge, all existing JVMs for low-end embedded systems are proprietary, making it difficult to assess the impact of bytecode compression on the memory footprint of a Java program.
Several popular embedded kernels used in storage controllers and devices support JVMs. Devices that use these kernels could support Java and, therefore, Jini today.
One benefit is the ability to support multiple operating systems using the portability of Java virtual machines (JVMs).
Java can execute in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) - most early JVMs were in web browsers.
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