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JVPJanatha Vimukthi Peramuna (People's Liberation Front, Sri Lanka)
JVPJewish Voice for Peace
JVPJugular Venous Pressure
JVPJunge Volkspartei (Young Austrian People's Party)
JVPJunior Vice President
JVPJoint Vertisols Project (Ethiopia)
JVPJoint Venture Partnership (business relationship)
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This JVP campaign is very significant because it delegitimizes Israel as a Jewish state, as a birthright of Jews worldwide.
On a broader term, JVP wants to help "dismantle the status quo of apartheid and occupation that daily visits such injustice on all Palestinians".
According to the Israel National Innovation Authority, which runs the State of Israel's technological incubator program, the license was granted based on JVP's broad experience running two such incubators, the predecessor incubator JVP Media Labs in Jerusalem and the JVP Cyber Labs in Beer Sheva.
the difference between the internal venous pressure and the atmospheric external pressure) and the CSA are correlated [42]; therefore, the time diagram of the IJV CSA reflects the JVP.
Raised JVP was defined as the patient at 45 position and visible pulsations of right internal jugular vein above the clavicle).
Other Earnix board members include: Haim Kopans, partner at JVP and Amit Frenkel, general partner at Vintage investment partners.
and its occupation of Palestine," said JVP member Lina Morales, "yet CJP and
Under the first phase, JVP will perform detailed engineering and procurement services.
Since becoming a JVP my job role has changed so much, it now has so many more dimensions.
The JVP, or People's Liberation Front, which had earlier backed Rajapakse, said they secured agreement with Fonseka, 58, to stand against Rajapakse.
Summary: The Israeli venture capital fund, JVP, has made a seed investment in