JVTJoint Video Team
JVTJoint Verification Team (Bhutan and Nepal)
JVTJeugd van Tegenwoordig (Dutch: Youth of Today; Netherlands band)
JVTJapan Video Topics
JVTJames Valley Telecommunications (Groton, SD)
JVTJava Vision Toolkit (software)
JVTJoint Venture Team
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The bidder must be a member of the Association of Finnish JVT and Drying Movements Association.
Empower had signed a contract last year with Nakheel to provide district cooling services to JVC and JVT.
In addition, and taking centre-stage at the event, was The First Group's newest brand ambassador, Indian Test cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar, who has invested in Millennium Place JVT Dubai.
The taxpayer argued that, often in the trucking industry, the phrase "item of property" means an entire fleet; however, the court found this implausible and further stated that it appeared that JVT, TRI, and JRV viewed each tractor or trailer as a separate unit of property, since they were owned by two separate companies and a distinct lease agreement was written for each tractor and each trailer.
Its multimedia capabilities include MPEG-4 video capture and playback at CIF resolution, JVT video decoding, 1.
It's a credit to the entire team that the technical design was completed in record time and it paves the way for the adoption of this exciting technology in 2003," said Gary Sullivan, chairman of the JVT and the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group VCEG.
Space ads do provide a good 'toe in the water' test approach without the more costly investment for a catalog," says world-renowned consultant Jo-Von Tucker, proprietor of Clambake Celebrations and president of JVT Direct Marketing.
Bob Braddicks, editor of JVT, has a similar policy.
Accident on E44 Al Khail Rd opp JVT towards #Dubai Mall.
Reigning Underbone champion Masato Fernando of Spec-V and Gian Carlo Mauricio of JVT Racing split the honors in the third leg of the 2017 FDR Philippine Scooter and Underbone racing championships at Batangas Racing Circuit recently.
The properties include: Millennium Place Business Bay, Millennium Place JVT Dubai, Ramada Plaza JVC and The One Dubai Marina, all of which will open ahead of the Expo.