JWARNJoint Warning And Reporting Network
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JWARN correlates sensor alert information and observation reports to provide warnings to affected units and to supply data to the common operational picture.
A JWARN full-deployment decision was made for the Global Command and Control System--Army, the Global Command and Control System--Joint, the Command and Control Personal Computer, and the Joint Tactical Common Operating Picture Workstation in 2010.
JWARN was supposed to be compatible with, but not duplicate existing equipment.
The Marine Corps Systems Command manages the JWARN program.
The primary mission of JWARN will be to provide a joint force with a comprehensive response capability that would minimize the effects of either a hostile NBC attack or an industrial incident," Alley stated.
Basically, JWARN will have to possess a two-way interface capability with any present or future C4ISR systems, he continued.
JWARN provides an operational capability at all levels to employ accredited CBRN warning technology for collecting, analyzing, reporting, identifying, locating, and disseminating CBRN, environmental, and toxic industrial material (TIM) information.
JWARN functionality can be used at all echelon levels--from the individual Soldier to national command authority--to provide a means of informing friendly units about possible contamination.
JWARN consists of software and hardware components that link NBC detectors to tactical communications for NBC warning, reporting, and battlefield management.
Block I is an interim commercial - off-the - shelf/ government-off-the-shelf package that will be used until the objective JWARN has been developed and procured under the Block II program.
The Block IA package provides a variety of user documentation and NBC information, including the JWARN operator's manual, software user manuals, and lesson plans for self-training and the NBC Toolbox (a software tool that provides a variety of NBC-related information through an easy-to-use menu system).
USAR JA and JB teams have received the first JWARN package.