JWARNJoint Warning And Reporting Network
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The JWARN and JEM are two separate and distinct Department of Defense (DOD)-accredited software applications that provide critical technology for CBRN warning, reporting, modeling, and simulation.
The JWARN, which meets the standards outlined in Allied Tactical Publication (ATP)-45, Warning and Reporting and Hazard Prediction of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Incidents (Operator's Manual), (1) provides a comprehensive analysis and response capability that helps minimize the effects of CBRN and toxic industrial material hazards.
JWARN's mission is to allow the military services to collect, analyze, report and disseminate NBC agent detection, identification, location, and warning information in real time.
JWARN is being developed by the Marine Corps to meet the combined needs of all four services.
Students are already receiving training on JWARN at all levels.
* JWARN provides an operational capability at all levels to employ accredited CBRN warning technology for collecting, analyzing, reporting, identifying, locating, and disseminating CBRN, environmental, and toxic industrial material (TIM) information.
JWARN consists of software and hardware components that link NBC detectors to tactical communications for NBC warning, reporting, and battlefield management.
As an important step toward the goal of NBC battlespace digitization, the JWARN program will provide a standardized NBC warning and reporting package to all services, provide capabilities for enhanced downwind prediction and battle management, and interface with command and control systems and NBC sensor devices.
The staff conducted NBC planning and operations that included the use of the Joint Warning and Reporting Network (JWARN).
This new United States Marine Corps system, currently called Joint Warning and Reporting (JWARN), integrates digitized terrain data, meteorological and micrometeorological data, and information from intelligence systems.
Some units use the Joint Warning and Reporting System (JWARN), currently under advanced development.
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