JWCAJoint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment
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Within a JWCA, there would be many different issue work groups generally led by colonels.
To more directly respond to the changing strategic environment, 6 of the 10 original JWCA domains changed and ultimately the number increased to 12 and then 14 as domains on interoperability, combating terrorism, reform initiative, and combat identification were created.
To achieve this new focus, the overall JWCA structure significantly changed as 14 mission areas were reduced to 8 with 4 named: precision engagement, full dimensional protection, dominant maneuver, and focused logistics.
This integrated nature is illustrated by the initial JWCAs and now the capability gap assessments briefed to the lower level boards before reaching the JROC.
The JWCA didn't achieve the expected results, officials claim, because it was a "bottom-up" review process that began at the service level and ended at the JROC.
But the real reason why JWCA was only a passing fad--and why JCIDS may one day encounter a similar fate--is that ultimately the services have ownership of their programs and the responsibility to justify them before Congress.