JWCHJanet Weis Children's Hospital (Danville, PA)
JWCHJohn Wesley Community Health (Institute; Los Angeles, CA)
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Since then, Saul and Terasaki have read about 15 X-rays each day for JWCH. All told, they each spend about a half-hour a day--essentially, their lunch hour--reading JWCH X-rays.
Gregerson estimates the doctors' time saves the clinic between $75,000 and $100,000 a year, freeing up funds for JWCH to see several hundred more patients annually.
Terasaki says the process will speed up even more in a few weeks, when JWCH completes a system upgrade that will allow it to transmit scans digitally--saving the time it takes to wait for a driver to transport scans from the clinic to Kaiser Sunset.
Like JWCH, the small clinic on a Montana reservation where Saul worked had little in the way of subspecialty care.
For example, the JWCH Institute Family Planning Program is funded by the California Department of Health Services, Office of Family Planning, Expanded Clinic Access Demonstration Project.