JWFCJoint Warfighting Center
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The new JWFC/JCLL organization operated as intended, even after the JWFC was transferred to U.
On February 3, 2003, he tasked the USJFCOM J7 and the JWFC to build the necessary collection team, drawing resources from across the command.
The JWFC is located at USJFCOM's Joint Training, Analysis and Simulation Center in Suffolk.
The JWFC study recommended, "The JFC needed a JFFC to be the impartial arbiter for joint fires, manage scarce resources, ensure the commander's guidance is being followed and intent accomplished, maintain a focus on what to preserve or destroy, deconflict lethal and nonlethal fires, champion JFC fires needs, and help the JFC maintain situational awareness.
To date, the JWFC study recommendation for the implementation of a JFFC has only been embraced as optional.
With emphasis on the global war on terrorism and military transformation, the JWFC works to ensure America's military is the most advanced and powerful force in the world.
McCaffrey, USAF, is Chief of Doctrine and Education in the JWFC at USJFCOM.
For more information on the SJFHQ, see the JWFC Joint Doctrine Series Pamphlet 3 "Doctrinal Implications of the Standing Joint Force Headquarters (SJFHQ)," dated 16 June 2003 at http:// jwfc.
Joint Forces Command, ATTN: JWFC (Code JW4000), 116 Lakeview Parkway, Suffolk, Virginia 23435-2697; Fax at (757) 686-6057; or send e-mail to jcll@jwfc.