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JWHJohn Wesley Harding
JWHJournal of Women's History
JWHJulia Ward Howe (author)
JWHJohn Wieland Homes (Smyrna, GA)
JWHJAL (Japan Airlines) World Hotels (reservation and discount service)
JWHJamming with Heather (Beatles bootleg)
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Jerry also played a central role in the World History Association, contributing to Executive Committee meetings in his capacity as editor of the JWH.
dubai -- Chief Prosecutor of the Dubai Drug Prosecution Walid Faqai on Wednesday warned the public against carrying, peddling or using JWH, a synthetic drug that can cause hallucination, confusion, imagining of things and bouts of panic and is commonly known as Spice, stressing it was a crime that would be dealt with no tolerance.
JWH Equipment was founded by Joseph Hayles in 2011 for the purpose of providing a customer-focused, full-service equipment dealership.
Noordijk EM, vd-Poest-Clement E, Hermans J, Wever AMJ, Leer JWH.
Surprisingly, in tests done at AIBioTech, Energy Supplements were found to contain significant levels of synthetic cannabinoids as well as amphetamine-like stimulants, including JWH 018 and -PVP.
We need only send one copy of the JWH and Bulletin to each school and college.
Casi al mismo tiempo, en Dinamarca y Paises Bajos se identifico otro compuesto cannabinoide de sintesis de la familia JWH, el llamado JWH-073, un analogo de tipo alquil del JWH-018 (2).
Merchant marine officer cadet Roger Kirker, 17, from Dublin learns the intricacies of the binnacle from warden JWH Turner (MM049
Charles Weller asked for circulation figures on the JWH.
The next one will be on the JWH Cosmopolitanism issue.
The JWH and Jerry have become inextricably intertwined, and one seems unimaginable without the other.
Marnie Hughes-Warrington commented that it is the scholarship exemplified in the Journal of World Histoiy that attracts foreign members, and that she thought it would be effective if the editorial board of the JWH became more active in foreign communities of scholars, as the editorial board of the Journal of Global History has done.