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JWIJewish Women International
JWIJust Water International (New Zealand)
JWIJust Winging It
JWIJune Wedding, Inc.
JWIJustice Web Interface (Integrated Criminal Justice Information Systems)
JWIJamaica West Indies
JWIJumper Wire Interface (telecommunications)
JWIJob Work Instruction
JWIJoshua Wilderness Institute (Hume, CA)
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As part of the Amendments, JWI intends to partially repay its outstanding term loan indebtedness under the Term Loan Credit Agreement using the net proceeds of the Notes offering.
JWI today reflects more closely an association of the future that is happy to engage interested women in any way it can-whether that means becoming a member, becoming a donor for a JWI social action program, or simply subscribing to the magazine.
Founded in 1994 from the merger of two prominent local lobby shops, JWI employs many executives who have passed through the Beltway's revolving door.
JWI has worked for a number of corporate clients, primarily in the arms and energy industries.
JWI has also quietly taken part in a number of corporate coalitions, including USA*ENGAGE, which worked during the Clinton years to restrict trade sanctions against countries with poor human-rights records.
But JWI's specialty is working directly for foreign regimes, be it fighting off congressional sanctions, winning economic or military aid, or promoting American investment.
Nonetheless, JWI assured Tudjman it could assist him.
JWI was put to the test not long after it finalized the deal with Tudjman, when Croatian troops launched Operation Storm in 1995.
Tudjman certainly seemed to think he was getting his money's worth with JWI. He continued to renew the firm's contract through the end of 1998.