JWIDJoint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration
JWIDJoint Warfighter Interoperability Demonstration
JWIDJoint Warfighting Integration Directorate
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The National Guard had participated in earlier JWIDs but never in a homeland defense role.
JWID participants at Hanscom AFB included officers from the US Air Force, Army, and Marines; members of the UK, New Zealand, and Canadian militaries; and industry partners including Lockheed Martin (Bethesda, MD), Northrop Grumman (Los Angeles, CA), Titan Systems (San Diego, CA), and Mitre (Bedford, MA).
JWID focuses on "Coalition Interoperability, the 21st Century Warfighter's Environment.
The main facility at Hanscom will serve as the modeling and simulation center and will execute scenarios that trigger other JWID events.
The report concludes: "SWARM was a complete success in JWID 2004.
COP-IDS performed very well in the JWID exercise," said Paul Morin, J2 IM 4 Capabilities Development and Transition.
As shown at JWID 2004, BTK can protect and defend information systems over a global network used by the United States and coalition partners.
The company came to JWID through its successes in several contracts for the Department of Defense's Homeland Security Command and Control Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (HLS C2 ACTD).
JWID 2004 will involve 25 countries, military services, and government agencies participating in a scripted scenario over a global network.
JWID provides countries such as Canada with a dynamic opportunity to trial and test new and emerging C4ISR technologies like COP-IDS using a realistic, real-time war fighting scenario," said Canadian JWID national lead Major R.
Relating the value of PKI Express as a security solution for other agencies and organizations, the JWID final report noted the following: