JWIDJoint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration
JWIDJoint Warfighter Interoperability Demonstration
JWIDJoint Warfighting Integration Directorate
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The National Guard had participated in earlier JWIDs but never in a homeland defense role.
JWID participants at Hanscom AFB included officers from the US Air Force, Army, and Marines; members of the UK, New Zealand, and Canadian militaries; and industry partners including Lockheed Martin (Bethesda, MD), Northrop Grumman (Los Angeles, CA), Titan Systems (San Diego, CA), and Mitre (Bedford, MA).
For all of the various trials, the point of the JWID is to determine how these technologies might work in action, said Lt Col Jackson Harris, Jr., the operations officer for the Air Force Command and Control Warrior School at Hurlburt Field, FL.
In keeping with the US military's new "spiral-development" acquisition policy, in which innovative new technologies can be incorporated into existing acquisition programs, conclusions reached during the latest JWID event about what worked well and what didn't should begin to influence US buying programs within a matter of months instead of years, as has been the case in the past, Col Therrien said.
JWID focuses on "Coalition Interoperability, the 21st Century Warfighter's Environment." The challenge is to define solutions to interoperability issues; ensure those solutions can be applied to the operational community; and enable a standard solution for information sharing between coalition partners.
In addition, JWID will feature information exchange across multiple domains, a critical capability in the global war on terrorism.
"JWID will lead the way to more effective operations, like a road map.
JWID is conducted in a simulated operational environment to provide context for warfighter validation of C4 solutions.
Throughout the 1990s and still today, the United States has sponsored Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstrations (JWIDs), intended to seek technical solutions to common and pressing interoperability problems.
The main facility at Hanscom will serve as the modeling and simulation center and will execute scenarios that trigger other JWID events.
Demonstration links will be provided to JWID through the command and control unified battlespace environment.