JWLJust Write Library
JWLJunior Welfare League
JWLJournal of Workplace Learning (formerly Employee Counselling Today)
JWLJapan Wheel Light (Metal; Automotive)
JWLJapan Wheel Light Metal (automotive metal)
JWLJindal Worldwide Ltd. (est. 1986; India)
JWLJSF (JavaServer Faces) Widget Library (IBM Corp.)
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[R.sub.0] D (m x [s.sup.-1]) PCJ (MPa) K (g x [cm.sup.3]) 1.64 6930 0.27 x [10.sup.5] 0 [R.sub.0] G SIGY (g x [cm.sup.3]) 1.64 0 0 Table 3: Parameters of the state equation of dynamite JWL. A (GPa) B (GPa) [R.sub.1] [R.sub.2] [omega] E (GPa) 374 3.23 4.15 0.95 0.3 7 A (GPa) [V.sub.0] 374 1 Table 4: Experimental group parameters of different distances between holes.
The specific parameters of rock emulsion explosive in model and the JWL state equation are shown in Table 3.
Instituto de Ecologia, Asociacion Civil., Xalapa, Veracruz 91070, Mexico (LH, JWL, AGR)
Stourport-based JWL Fellows, established in 1986, has a client base covering North Worcestershire, the Black Country and parts of Birmingham, as well as clients in Scotland, the south west and Northern Ireland.
where [Z.sub.R] = lw[L.sub.r]/(1 - [[omega].sup.2][L.sub.r][C.sub.r]), [Z.sub.L] = jwL and [Z.sub.C] = 1/jwC are the equivalent impedance of the resonator, inductor L and capacitor C, respectively.
Jones-Wilkins-Lee (JWL) equation of state was used to model the rapid expansion of high explosive detonation of plastic explosive [12].
These activities, along with a three-month island-wide lecture tour in 1939 by British birth control advocate Edith How-Martyn, arranged by Amy Bailey and Jamaica Welfare Limited (JWL), fuelled a fervent campaign, which was supported by the press.
(2.) Stringer MD, Cave E, Puntis JWL, Beck JM, Arthur RJ.
(1.) del Castillo JR, Robinson JWL. [Mg.sup.+2]-ATP-dependent sodium transport in inside out basolateral plasma membranes vesicles from guinea-pig small intestinal epithelial cells.