JWPAJapan Wind Power Association (est. 2001)
JWPAJapan Wood Preserving Association
JWPAJames W. Potts - Architects
JWPAJapan Women's Pharmaceutical Association
JWPAJava Web-based Photo Album (SourceForge project)
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"Graduate Students Hearing Voices: (Mis)Recognition and (Re)Definition of the jWPA Identity." Untenured Faculty as Writing Program Administrators, edited by Debra Frank Dew and Alice Horning, Parlor P, 2008, pp.
Though liminals have much in common with jWPAs, jWPAs do typically benefit from having the protection of the degree, of being on the tenure track, and of having a clearly defined professional path.
Termite tests were conducted according to JWPA Standard 11(1) (JWPA 1992b).
JWPA Standard 11(1): Method to evaluate effectiveness of termiticides applied by brush-, spray-, or dip-treatment (1).
"Labor Relations: Collaring jWPA Desire." Dew and Horning 110-33.
Japan Wood Preserving Association (Incorporated) (JWPA).
-- Weight losses of untreated and silafluofen-treated sugi blocks exposed to Coptotermes formosanus in JWPA standard test.
Like us, Helmbrecht and Kendall recognized themselves in the definition of a jWPA and call for a reconsideration of what it means to do gWPA work (173).
For us, the network of classifications describes conventional WPA work in terms such as gWPA, jWPA, and sWPA.
A laboratory decay test was conducted in accordance with Japan Wood Preserving Association (JWPA) Standard 3 (JWPA 1992).
In his response to four jWPA stories in The Promise and Perils of Writing Program Administration, Ed White asks why we "put up with the loneliness, the isolation, the rejections, the frustrations that come along with our territory" as WPAs, and he recognizes the complexity of the answers, arguing that "we do it because writing, despite everything, is creative and exhilarating; WPAing," he adds, "is the same" ("Response" 130).
Still accessible and meaningful, these articles as a whole take a more pragmatic approach to the phenomenon of the jWPA. While certain voices--editor Horning's among them--still argue unequivocally that juniors in the field should not take on this work, the majority approach the issue as a phenomenon that has become unavoidable.