JWSTJames Webb Space Telescope (NASA)
JWSTJamaican Waterslide Team
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The PMD with the unique slosh-damping feature was designed and analyzed by PMD Technology, the foremost designer of low-gravity fluid dynamics acquisition devices, and manufactured by Orbital ATK specifically for the JWST.
Although JWST would struggle with analysing a Solar System exactly like our own, it would be capable of studying Earth-like planets around cooler stars -- if such a system were to be found.
The CfAI - based at NETPARK, the North East Technology Park, in County Durham - was part of an international team behind the Near Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec) that will form part of the JWST.
In November 2011, Congress reversed plans to cancel the JWST and instead capped additional funding to complete the project at $8 billion.
Another critical consideration for the JWST is that this unique object, costing at least $6.
The JWST will also measure radiation from other stars to determine what makes them tick, giving rise to planetary systems around.
Why is the JWST designed to observe in infrared rather than optical wavelengths?
5m mirror, one of the most important aspects of the JWST, comprises 18 beryllium segments recently completed by Axsys Technologies Inc.
The month-long testing uses flight-like material for the JWST sunshield, test frame and hardware attachments.
JWST is an infrared observatory, requiring all of the optical components to operate at a cryogenic temperature under 40 Kelvin, which is less than 40 degrees above absolute zero, the temperature at which all atomic motion ceases.
Ultraviolet surveys like this are incredibly important in planning for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) as Hubble is the only telescope currently able to obtain the ultraviolet data that researchers will need to combine with infrared data from JWST.
JWST is the agency's flagship science project and the most powerful space telescope ever built.