JWSTJames Webb Space Telescope (NASA)
JWSTJamaican Waterslide Team
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The CfAI - based at NETPARK, the North East Technology Park, in County Durham - was part of an international team behind the Near Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec) that will form part of the JWST.
In November 2011, Congress reversed plans to cancel the JWST and instead capped additional funding to complete the project at $8 billion.
Protecting the multi-million euro investment in the JWST project, vibration testing establishes 'the make-or-break robustness of components, subsystems and ultimately the fully assembled craft.
On Wednesday, the full House Science, Space and Technology Committee approved the recommendation to kill JWST, whose final fate lies with the full House and Senate.
If the astronomy community (and Congress) had decided years ago that spending $7 billion or $8 billion on JWST would be our best use of funds, then I would be happy to live with that.
Based on the fi ndings of the independent panel that recently reviewed the JWST project and information that we obtained from project offi cials, it is likely that JWST will report signifi cant cost and schedule growth, estimated to be $1.
5 billion in added costs for the JWST could "virtually wipe out" other programs.
JWST will partly replace the aging Hubble Space Telescope, and one of its four key objectives is to look for planets and origins of life.
There would be one last service mission at the end of 2008 which it is hoped will extend HST's mission until the launch of the JWST in 2013.
Similar but different from Hubble, the JWST will pick up where Hubble left off: hot on the trail of the universe's most tantalizing mysteries.
Scheduled for launch in June 2013, JWST is designed to study the earliest galaxies and some of the first stars formed after the Big Bang.
The James Webb Space Telescope will collect light approximately nine times faster than the Hubble Space Telescope," says Eric Smith, JWST program scientist at NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.