JXAJapan Xylophone Association (musical instruments)
JXAJapan Xiangqi Association (gaming; est. 1973)
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Chemical analysis carried out by electron microprobe (Jeol JXA 8200 at the Institute for Geosciences, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany) yielded 73.47 wt.% Si[O.sub.2], 3.72 wt.% [Al.sub.2] [O.sub.3], 6.68 wt.% [Na.sub.2]O, 8.59 wt.% [K.sub.2]O, 3.40 wt.% FeO and 0.64 wt.% MnO.
Solid samples at pH 7.0 were dried at room temperature and then analysed by Raman Spectroscopy (JOBIN-YVON, LABRAM model HR-800), Scanning Electron Microscope (JEOL JSM, model 840A), and Electron Probe Microanalysis coupled to EDS detector (JEOL JXA, model 8900 RT).
The SEM images were taken using a Tesla BS 350 and JXA instruments under secondary electron mode at accelerating voltage of 15 and 20 kV.
The local composition was analyzed by electron microprobe analysis (EPMA) on JEOL JXA 8900 at the assigned area.