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While there was slight evidence of increased use over time, it was not as significant as with JXB.
JXB will be part of the Dubai World Central development, previously named JAIC, that will feature a 140 sq mile (362k[m.
8 billion JXB is at the centre of the massive Dubai World Central (DWC) urban aviation community being built in Jebel Ali just 25 miles (40km) from Dubai city centre and will be linked to the existing Dubai International Airport (DXB) via an express light rail system as well as a dedicated road network.
Once it is finished JXB will have a terminal dedicated for use by Emirates Airline and another for regional and other foreign carriers.
It is not yet clear as to who will use the new airport--no official announcements have been made--but Emirates seems likely to have exclusive use of either DXB or JXB.