JXTJava Xml Toolbox
JXTJAVA Exploration Tools (software)
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The JXT tractors has a PTO clutch that is engaged and disengaged with a lever allowing a longer clutch life.
JXT's unaudited results for its year ended 31 December 2014 showed profits after tax of RMB 22.6m (approximately GBP 2.45m) (2013: net loss of RMB 0.30m) on total revenue of RMB 40.9m (approximately GBP 4.43m) (2013 Nil).
has vended certain assets, licenses and expertise related to courseware development into JXT in return for an 18% shareholding of JXT.
Assets sold into JXT include vocational training and the recruiting information website "Kaigongla." JXT and Victory will work closely together to develop vocational educational technology.
JXT Jaw 150-325 Caterpillar[R] 2 1/2"-8" 11-6" (3.50m)/
The collaboration will see JXT added to the Bullhorn Marketplace, offering Bullhorn s customers with market-leading digital marketing solutions.
JXT is an important addition to the Bullhorn Marketplace it s the leading provider of web design and development in the recruitment space and we want to ensure we offer our recruitment customers the very best tech out there to make building and managing customer relationships easy and profitable.
Rick Mare, founder and CEO of JXT, said, 2015 has seen ongoing changes in the digital space.