JYAJunior Year Abroad
JYAJohn Yurconic Agency (Allentown, PA)
JYAJapan Youth Association
JYAJapan Yachting Association (est. 1937; now Japan Sailing Federation)
JYAJulian Youth Academy (Christian residential boarding school; California)
JYAJunior Youth Assembly (State YMCA of Georgia)
JYAJenkintown Youth Activities (Jenkintown, PA)
JYAJesus Youth of America (Colorado)
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The authors of the JYA paper addressed physical, psychological, sexual, and cyber-dating violence.
The Indians found the ratio of a right triangle's opposite side of a given angle to its hypotenuse to be a more useful ratio and called it the jya, Sanskrit for chord.
Over-keenness to please sponsor Singapore Airlines meant the carrier's colours of green and blue were used for the big races, with a marked lack of obvious identity, not to mention an unfortunate misspelling that will forever pictorially distinguish the Cup winner as 'Jya Peg'.
50 JYA France, in Smith College Archives [hereafter SC], Junior Year Abroad France.
JYA: Using the principles of the investment pyramid will allow you to compare various plans to see which may be suitable.
This word, first shortened to jya in Sanskrit, eventually became the Arabic jiba and, later, jaib, which means "a cove or a bay." In his history of mathematics, Howard Eves explains that around 1150 A.D., Gherardo of Cremona, in his translations from the Arabic, rendered jaib as the Latin sinus, the corresponding word for a cove or a bay.
The daily gift to 'the divine lord who is lordship' (vrah kamraten an ta ra jya), says the inscription, should be 'one lih of rice for the holy fire'.
"Jya, Nihongo de hanashimasho," I said ("Let's speak in Japanese").