JYDJunkyard Dog (pro wrestler)
JYDJunk Yard Dog (Toronto Raptors player Jerome Williams)
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All 4 populations (JJT, JYD, JXD and JZZ) from the Jiuquan region made up one clade (clade 1), and the 4 populations (ZLT, ZNJ, ZMY and ZXM) from the Zhangye region constituted the other clade (clade 2).
Two populations (JJT and JYD) from the Jiuquan region were very similar in genetic diversity and showed very large [N.sub.m] values, which can be explained by the frequent fruit transportation between the 2 regions offering ample opportunity for interbreeding between the populations of the 2 sublocations.
The sampling locations includes JinTa (JJT), YinDa (JYD), XiDong (JXD), and ZongZai (JZZ) of the Jiuquan Region, and Luo Tuocheng (ZLT), NiJiaying (ZNJ), MinYong (ZMY) and XiaoMan (ZXM) of the Zhangye Region.
The sampling locations include JinTa (JJT), YinDa (JYD), XiDong (JXD) and ZongZai (JZZ) of Jiuquan Region, and Luo Tuocheng (ZLT), NiJiaying (ZNJ), MinYong (ZMY) and XiaoMan (ZXM) of Zhangye Region.
JYD: You have to approach it on a case-by-case basis.
JYD: it's hard to make a general rule, and that's where most people get stuck.
JYD: Some claims are only traditional, but if a claim appears on the label of a product that is sold in Canada, it's based on science.
"Doing events like this means a lot to me; it means more than playing in NBA ecause when your career is over, a lot of guys don't have the opportunity to still have a fan base, and because of my outreach and my JYD project, the same fans that supported me when I was playing support me now, and I enjoy reaching out to them," he said.
"This clinic is part of my continued JYD project partnered with NBA Cares.
But more than that, JYD lovingly framed these photos (some initially published in her column Medium Rare for Philippine Panorama) and came out with an exhibit to commemorate her most bizarre and auspicious adventure with a camera yet.
JYD was very hands on for her first outing as a photographer.