JYOGodfrey Field (Leesburg, Virginia)
JYOJunior Youth Orchestra (various locations)
JYOJust Your Opinion
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The Leesburg Exclusion Area of the DC SFRA, depicted at right, allows transient and local operations at the Leesburg (Va.) Municipal Airport (JYO) without all of the requirements imposed elsewhere in the SFRA.
(29) Tsunehiko Yui, "Kenkyu Noh-Toh: Meiji-Ki Mitsui Bussan no Kei'Ei Sha (Jyo), 4 Watanabe Senjiro" [Research note: The managers of the Mitsui trading company in the Meiji period, part I, section 4, Senjiro Watanabe], Mitsui Bunko Ronso [The Journal of the Mitsui Research Institute for Social and Economic History, Tokyo] 41 (Dec.
JYO rehearsals Under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal, Jordanian Youth Orchestra (JYO) is started its group and general rehearsals Sunday on the premises of Cultural Centre for Performing Arts/King Hussein Foundation.
(29) rame:Sa jyo:tiya kiviyalli "ni:ne: nanna ra:Ni" Ramesha Jyoti.POSS ear.LOC you.EMPH my queen anta pisuguTTida QUOT whisper-PST-3sm 'Ramesha whispered in Jyoti's ear, "You are indeed my queen."' (Sridhar 1990: 1) (30) emTia:rnalli u:tappa tinno:Na anta mane biTTu MTR.LOC utappa eat.SUG QUOT house leave-PP horaTa leave.PST.3sm 'He left home to eat utappa at the MTR.' (Sridhar 1990: 73) (31) ni:nu obbane: bande anta nanna you one-person(m).EMPH come.PST.2s QUOT my magaLige asama:dha:na daughter.DAT dissatisfaction 'My daughter is unhappy that/because you came alone.' (Sridhar 1990: 76)
(2.) Yuichiro Nagatomi, Kindai-wo Koete: Ko Ohira Souri-no Nokosareta mno, Jyo kan [Beyond Modernism: What the Late Prime Minister Ohira Left, Part I] (Tokyo: Oukura Zaimu Kyokai, 1983), p.109.
By only page four, Hong explains what she sees in her bedroom at East Garden one evening: "I had discovered Jyo Jin [her husband] snorting cocaine there after so many of his false promises to stop.
In between the fiesta music a few slow songs are interspersed like tu y jyo (you and me), sung by the 15-year-old bass player.
Jyo, "Assessing of phosphorus removal by polymeric anion exchangers," Desalination, vol.
The exception involves the Leesburg Maneuvering Area, a notch cut out from the circular ADIZ for the Leesburg (Va.) Executive Airport (JYO).