JYUJyväskylän Yliopisto (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
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c) the study of "Jyu Kumite" (competitive combat) was continued in the third month, with the study by defensive exercises namely backward retreats, side flipping away and feints performed by footwork rhythm breaking accompanied by attacks with arms or feet and also counter-attacks with arms executed in the same time with the attack of the opponent; the second week of the month was intended for "Kata" learning (fight with imaginary opponents, competitive event) starting with the study of "Taikyoku Shodan", a kata formed of the first two techniques "Gedan Barai" and "Oi Zuki".
A pyramidal system was organized as follows: "Kata" competition (combat with imaginary opponent), then "Ippon Kumite" competition (for children who reached the age of 8 years) "Sanbon Kumite" (coordination exercise with partner) then " Jyu Kumite" (combat with partner).
This work still continues.Currently JYU is coordinating significant national research and development projects in educationand is a major exporter of education.
He also describes how the JYU, in compliance with its values, emphasises equality, research in sustainability and actions to promote planetary wellbeing.
JYU has paid attention to environmental responsibility through the Green Office environmental management system from 2013.
JYU psychology students Heli Uitus and Leevi Saukkola have been enthusiastic participants of the dog meetings.
The dogs and handlers have come from among the Kennel Club of Central Finland's Care Dogs and the dogs of JYU staff have been involved.
JYU has reached the group of top 500 in 2003-2013 and 2015.
In subject-specific comparison, JYU succeeds well: education is in position 39, mathematics and communications 101-150, chemistry and psychology 201-300, physics, ecology, leadership, business economics, mathematical information technology and political science 301-400 and public health 401-500.
JYU joins the march in cooperation with the Student Union.
The international summer school is JYU's specialty, offering both unique doctoral education and an opportunity to build international networks.