JABOTABEKJakarta Bogor Tangerang Bekasi
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Starmart has 52 outlets in the Jabotabek area and Bali.
In the Jabotabek area, PT Semen Gresik has 12 sub-distributors.
Therefore, producers located in Jabotabek and West Java usually serve the market in their own regions.
Table - 1 Production of concrete tile, 2003 - 2005 (million pcs) Region 2003 2004 2005 Jabotabek, West 49.
It uses two distributors to handle marketing in the Jabotabek area, West Java and East Java as they are potential market.
The Jabotabek area accounts for around 80% of car financing business in the country, but the difference is not as sharp for motorcycle financing.
Work in the Jabotabek area will be handled by Ericsson, the service of which was also used previously for that area.
Consumption in the Jabotabek area is around 1,300-1,700 tons a day.
In Java especially the Jabotabek area CPO is supplied from Tanjung Priok Storage Tank, North Jakarta.
Completion of its second expansion program, Eisai coverage is wider to reach the Jabotabek (Greater Jakarta) area and Bandung, West Java, reducing blank spots in the two areas.
The Jabotabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi) for example, small businesses are given places in shopping centres.