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JFJuiz de Fora (Brazil)
JFJane Fonda (activist and actress)
JFJohn Fruscinate (Red Hot Chili Peppers band member)
JFJunk Food
JFJack Frost
JFJapan Foundation (New York, NY)
JFJugendfeuerwehr (German: youth fire brigade)
JFJesus Freak
JFJour Fixe (French: Fixed Day)
JFJohn Frankenheimer (film director)
JFJuicy Fruit (chewing gum)
JFJoint Force
JFJustiça Federal (Federal Court; Brazil)
JFJango Fett (Star Wars character)
JFJimmer Fredette (basketball player)
JFJoey Fatone
JFJudicial Foreclosure
JFJunkfood (band)
JFJackson Five (band)
JFJust Flight (software)
JFJust Fix
JFJade Falcon (gaming clan)
JFJackfield (Cisco)
JFJournalFen (website)
JFJust Fishing
JFJapan Food Service Association
JFJeep Forum
JFJanatharana Foundation (Sri Lanka)
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Buick rode Jack Frost at Epsom recently in a media event and it could not have gone better.
Fear (personified as the bogey man) can only be tackled this time with the joint efforts of Santa, Sandy, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and our main protagonist, Jack Frost. Winston Churchill once said the only thing we should fear, is fear itself.
At the premiere of new children's film Rise of the Guardians, Chris Pine who voices Jack Frost, and Isla Fisher who voices Tooth, both admitted they could easily relate to their characters.
Step 2: Arrange the snowflake cards face down in any order, then put the Jack Frost card in position 4, as shown here.
Jack Frost welcomes Tony Iommi to the Broad Street Walk of Fame
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Last Fling The trees are dressed in tartans bright That Jack Frost brought to them last night.
By R.D Wingfield (Bantam Press, pounds 14.99) THANKS to the award-winning A Touch of Frost television series, David Jason has made a household name of police detective Jack Frost.
First discovered asleep in the snow by the many gentle creatures who live deep in the forest, a very little boy with snow-white skin surprises his forest friends by waking up and working real magic in The Tale of Jack Frost. In this picture book for ages 4-7, Jack finds that everything he touches turns to frost.
er'go Jack Frost Candle, Vintage Collection, $24, ergocandle.com
Jack Frost, the elusive elf said to bring Winter's nipping cold, is a mysterious and often overlooked, artist.
The raceday is to be used as the backdrop for an episode of Yorkshire Television's drama series `A Touch of Frost', which stars David Jason in the role of sleuth Jack Frost.
Another way to keep Jack Frost at bay while minimizing pollution and energy use is to install a hot water recirculation pump.