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JOCJournal of Commerce
JOCJapanese Olympic Committee
JOCJars of Clay (band)
JOCJuventud Obrera Cristiana (Spanish: Young Christian Workers)
JOCJoint Operations Center
JOCJazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw (Netherlands)
JOCJournal on Computing (various organizations)
JOCJunior Original Concert (Yamaha music school)
JOCJava Open Community
JOCJob Order Contract
JOCJoseph Oat Corporation (Camden, NJ)
JOCJoint Operations Command (Zimbabwe)
JOCJuilliard Opera Center (New York)
JOCJournal of Combinatorics (International Press)
JOCJournal of Organic Chemistry
JOCJoint Operating Concept (US DoD)
JOCJeunesse Ouvriere Catholique (French)
JOCJoint Operations Cell (cybercrime-fighting unit, UK)
JOCJoy of Connecting (Smyrna, GA)
JOCJustice on Campus
JOCJava Outlook Connector (software)
JOCJournal of Oncology
JOCJet Orientation Course (aka Jet Operations Course)
JOCJudgment of Conviction
JOCChief Journalist (Naval Rating)
JOCJack of Clubs
JOCJava Object Cache
JOCJet Operations Course (aka Jet Orientation Course)
JOCJoint Operations Control
JOCJago Owners Club (automobile club; UK)
JOCJail Oversight Commission
JOCJeunesse Ouvrière Christians (Young Christian Workers)
JOCJunior Officers' Council
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From just south of Jack of Clubs Lake to the limit of mapping, just beyond the Bonanza Ledge deposit, these ophiolitic rocks form a 300 to 350 m-wide continuous belt.
You play in six hearts and North leads the jack of clubs.
The next hand Roland goes all-in again and Marty calls, Roland shows Jack of clubs, 4 of diamonds and Marty shows Queen of clubs and Jack of diamonds.
It could go on the jack of diamonds or the jack of clubs.
The flop was Ace of hearts, Jack of clubs, and 10 of spades.
Your contract of six no-trumps receives the lead of the jack of clubs.
When North wins the jack of clubs the diamond really should be discarded as if North has a spade honour the result is a cricket score your way, if not it is essential to take your diamond tricks.
Kate had pocket aces and Paul showed king and jack of clubs - the flop was four, jack, jack while the turn was a two and river was another four giving Paul a full house against Kate's aces and jacks.
South passed in the auction and holds the jack of clubs and the king or ace of hearts.
Jack of Hearts, Seven of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, Eight of Diamonds, Two of Diamonds, Six of Spades and Three of Spades.
The king and jack of clubs now promoted a trump trick for Senior's jack.
The flop came down 10 of clubs, Jack of clubs, 6 of diamonds.