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JODJack of Diamonds (hearts game where the jack is a bonus)
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He was holding two black aces, two black eights and the jack of diamonds - known to this day as "the dead man's hand".
His brushes with Robert, Lily, and their friends range from classic villainy (dramatized when he drops his calling card, the Jack of Diamonds) to outright cruelty.
But that corresponded to the jack of diamonds, a nonwinner.
THE opening Betway Apprentice Handicap (12.40) at Wolverhampton showcases some of the best young talents in the weighing room and Tyler Saunders, who shone on the improving handicapper Imphal on the turf over the summer, can strike aboard the enthusiastic veteran Jack Of Diamonds.
They have scant regard for their actual homes, in tins, packs and scrapbooks, preferring to mix it up with other species of card, so the Ace of Spades and the Jack of Diamonds will be in a pile with Lionel Messi, a Lego Santa Claus and a card of facts about the tomato frogs of Madagascar.
In addition to abstract pieces of art, the works of lesser known painters are also displayed such as the figurative and expressive pieces by members of the Jack of Diamonds art group of western Cubo-Futurism from the pre-revolutionary era in 1912EeAu1914.
Renditions of some old folk/blues nuggets -- John The Revelator, Jack of Diamonds -- and the gospel staple, Amazing Grace, all point to Biram's formative influences of Lightnin' Hopkins, Doc Watson and Lead Belly.
SARABAND'S SELECTIONS TODAY LINGFIELD: 1.30 Lucky Dottie, 2.00 Lanai, 2.35 Come On Dave, 3.10 Jack Of Diamonds, 3.45 Boom The Groom, 4.20 Varsovian, 4.50 Caerleon Kate.
JACK OF DIAMONDS Wilshere (second left) says the time is right for Sterling, Shaw and Barkley to deliver for England
For example, if the card was the jack of diamonds, he would indicate 11 by turning up S = 1, A = 2 and D = 8 while turning down I = 4.
An unabridged audiobook production, Jack of Diamonds follows a young man eking out a living on the seamier side of life.
Two people are shot even before the opening credits by the masked Psychopath Number One known as the Jack of Diamonds, who leaves a playing card on each body as his signature.