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"The Freemasons also figure prominently in many theories, suggesting that Jack the Ripper is a well-connected and powerful individual whose identity is being protected.
They hope to get closer than anyone has before to answer some vital questions, including who was Jack the Ripper, what motivated his crimes, how did he escape justice, and could he have been responsible for even more brutal murders?
Revealing his findings, David says: "Having walked the streets of Whitechapel, having looked at the modus operandi and in particular having seen the evidence presented from HOLMES, I've got absolutely no doubt, no doubt, that Martha Tabram is the first Jack the Ripper victim."
In the investigative series, Mudgett partners with former CIA operative Amaryllis Fox to prove that Holmes was Jack The Ripper.
Synopsis: In Diane Gilbert Madsen's "The Conan Doyle Notes: The Secret of Jack the Ripper," the reader will uncover vital clues as to Why the Dog Did Not Bark in the Night.
Jack the Ripper was attributed with the brutal slaying and dismembering of five women in Whitechapel's red light district within London's East End between August and November 1888.
Melbourne, Dec 1 ( ANI ): Best-selling author, Patricia Cornwell has claimed that Walter Sickert, an influential artist with ties to the British royal family is Jack the Ripper.
This fall marks the 125th anniversary of the Whitechapel murders, carried out by Jack the Ripper, perhaps the world's most infamous serial killer.
Jack the Ripper and Black Magic: Victorian Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies and the Supernatural Mystique of the Whitechapel Murders.
The famous 492-year-old building swarmed with period-dressed extras to recreate the late 19th century streets where terrifying serial killer Jack the Ripper prowled.
Orlando, FL, June 01, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Silver Knight Publishing announces the release of The Mysteries of Jack the Ripper by N.