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JTCJoint Technology Center
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JTCJacketed Truncated Cone (bullet type)
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Abbreviations: FJTC, fully jacketed truncated cone; FMJ, full metal jacket; JHR jacketed hollowpoint
subsonic category, we went with Remington-UMC jacketed truncated cone ammo, which is accurate enough I've seen it win pistol matches.
We used a wide variety of ammunition and bullet types during the 200-round break-in that we chose to perform on the Kimber Solo Nine, ranging from jacketed truncated cone, round-nose full metal-jacketed to jacketed hollow-points.
In .38 Special, about the only bulk-sale practice load that will make the power factor for SSR--and at that, sometimes barely--seems to be CCI Lawman 158-grain +P with jacketed truncated cone bullet.
Here, the jacketed truncated cone bullets formed a 2." group for all five shots, and--you guessed it!--four of them were in a much more satisfactory 1.25", with the best three in 0.7".
Finally, the 147-grain subsonic in the form of Winchester's WinClean training load with jacketed truncated cone bullet drilled five rounds into 1.85 inches, and delivered the tightest "best three" cluster of 0.95 inch.
I recently tested one in .357 SIG that had a buttery smooth double-action-only pull, and grouped Federal 125-grain jacketed truncated cone ammo under 2 inches at 25 yards (five-shot group, hand-held from the bench).
subsonic load was Winchester's WinClean, with jacketed truncated cone projectile, and its 5-shot group measured 7.75" while the best three were in the exact same "three inches even" of the lighter, faster bullet at the opposite end of the 9mm option scale.
Winchester's Winclean 147-grain subsonic jacketed truncated cone ammo is hugely popular in this country and famous for its accuracy.
Remington's jacketed truncated cone range load put all five of its rounds in 1.35".
The Norma hollowpoint was too toughly jacketed to open reliably, and the 200-grain, 1,200 fps jacketed truncated cone configuration was powerful enough to crack the steel of the early Dornaus & Dixon Bren Tens, and was horrendously over-penetrative.