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Jackson Women's Health Organization quickly sued, arguing the law is unconstitutional because it bans abortion weeks before a fetus can survive outside the womb.
However the principal one is that the Jackson Women's Health Organization is the state of Mississippi's lone abortion clinic.
Judges Jolly and Higginson conclude that (as Garza's describes it in his opening paragraph) "the mere act of crossing a state border imposes an 'undue burden' on women's right to choose to obtain abortion services." For starters (as Garza explains about half-way through his dissent), "In 2011, prior to the Act's passage, nearly sixty percent of Mississippi women who obtained abortions already traveled to other states for these services." What's the "undue burden" on these women if the Jackson Women's Health Organization closes because it cannot find a hospital willing to give its fly-in abortionists admitting privileges?
The law was challenged by the Jackson Women's Health Organization, which is one of two licensed abortion clinics in the state.
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