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JAFFAJava Application Framework for All
JAFFAJuvenile and Family Fire Awareness (Australia)
JAFFAJewish Accommodation for Fellow Aged (retirement facility; Pretoria, South Africa)
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Jaffa, the orange moggie Who stalks the birds upon the lawn Comes in with the milk in deep blue dawn And greets your efforts with a contemptuous yawm?
We've had a little look at what other supermarkets are currently selling Jaffa Cakes for, and this Tesco deal is the best available.
There is no change in the size, shape or weight of individual cakes in the McVitie's Jaffa Cake range.
While devoted to Jaffa for his instruction, Hayward is able to take a critical distance in assessing the controversies that separated him from Berns and to celebrate both men's accomplishments.
The one near my trailer was named for the governor of Jaffa, Muhammad Abu Nabbut, who commissioned the sabil after reestablishing friendly relations with the sheikh of the Abu Gosh family, which controlled the pilgrimage route.
In response to the controversy, the Tel Aviv Municipality issued a statement saying, "The students visited a number of central sites in Jaffa.
Maybe it's the dry heat, but there's definitely a laziness to Jaffa (also sometimes known as 'Yafo' or 'Joppa'), a far slower pace of life than the rest of the city.
Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies and the author of the superb two-volume study The Age of Reagan (2001-09), makes a good case that Jaffa and Berns--along with others in the "Straussian" orbit over the past half century--deserve credit for reviving serious study, in and out of the academy, of the political thought of the American Founders and of Abraham Lincoln.
OHEL will honor the Jaffa Family Campus Builders including the Jaffa Family,Charles and Patricia Schwartzapfel, Registered Architect and Mendy and Chani Schrieber of AirMark.
Incidentally, re: Mary Berry chastising Paul Hollywood for dunking a Jaffa Cake in his tea.
THE usual Jaffa Cake debate centres on whether it can be classed as a biscuit or a cake.
At least one person was killed and nine others were wounded by a Palestinian wielding a knife in the popular Jaffa port area of Tel Aviv on Tuesday, authorities said, while US Vice President Joe Biden was in a meeting a few kilometres away.