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JAFFAJava Application Framework for All
JAFFAJuvenile and Family Fire Awareness (Australia)
JAFFAJewish Accommodation for Fellow Aged (retirement facility; Pretoria, South Africa)
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The Jaffa Cakes brand in the UK is worth [pounds sterling]52m *** and is bought by 15m households.
However, forensic experts found his middle finger imprint on the Jaffa Cake box which meant the evidence "literally pointed" at him, said Jason Pegg, prosecuting at the City's Crown Court.
By having Jaffa & Associates' team of court representatives work in tandem with architects experienced in the field of permit filing and violation remediation, clients are ensured the utmost level of compliance consultation and can expect significant reduction in future violations.
We are all about bringing a bit more fun to life," said McVitie's Jaffa Cakes chief Philippa Tilley.
In a separate security issue, Israeli police deployed reinforcements around Muslim and Christian sites in Jaffa on Sunday after graves in the mixed port town were found to be desecrated, a police spokeswoman said, AFP reported.
And the solution to that sort of disappointment is to lower your expectations, not to reinvent the Jaffa Cake as a bed made of sponge with a mattress of orange jelly and a chocolate duvet.
Long before this latest clash exploded, Andromeda Hill was a stage of open conflict between the Arab population of Jaffa and the state of Israel.
Israeli officials soon explained that the oranges had not originated in Israel and complained that China has been using the popular Jaffa name on oranges it exports--peddling counterfeit oranges the way it peddles other counterfeits.
He said: "Tyson was told as an amateur that Jaffa Cakes were good for him.
There will be a serious struggle over this because it will change the whole structure of Jaffa if it succeeds," he told me.
Richard Jaffa (Loynton & Co), Peter Light, Paul Stevenson, Mike Lowe (High Sheriff of Shropshire
Born in Jaffa in 1929, Ibrahim's young years were spent in the midst of the intensified Zionist drive to transform Palestine into a Jewish State.