JAHMJewish American Heritage Month
JAHMJoliet Area Historical Museum (Joliet, IL)
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Now in 2011, we are about to celebrate JAHM for the sixth time.
The alliance between members of the Jahm tribe and the Houthis is directed against the government in Sanaa.
This is a very exciting venture for us, and we've pulled together a first-class management team to spearhead it," said Jahm Najafi, CEO of Najafi Companies, a private investment firm located in Phoenix, Ariz.
We plan to invest substantial dollars promoting it, several times what P&G spent," said Jahm Najafi, chief executive officer and founder of Najafi Cos.
The word jahm, which means "peace" in Wolof, comes up in countless everyday expressions.
2 President Saleh summoned around twenty shaikhs from Jahm tribe for an important meeting.
Jarvis SC, Sherwood M, Steenvoorden JAHM (1987) Nitrogen losses from animal manures: from grazed pastures and applied slurry.
Jahm Najafi, a partner in Pivotal, says about $50 million in projects are either under construction or about to break ground in the business parks.
His eyes shone like embers, from the fever He sent the fever wrapped in leaves of passion to the house of his beloved They say the house of his beloved is in Syria,(32) They say the house of his beloved is in Syria, They say it's near the wooden bridge, and the house of 'Ali Ibn Jahm, They say it's in Ramallah, At Bab al-Khalq, it's been said, And even in Targhuna.
Marib's Jahm tribe on Friday released the Saudi national along with 11 Yemenis working for oil companies in Marib.
According to the vendor's CEO Jahm Najafi, the tie-up will help the enlarged company to continue to grow both at home and internationally.