JAIAJapan Action Inlineskate Association
JAIAJapanese Autombiles Importers Association
JAIAJebel Ali International Airport
JAIAJapan Adhesive Industry Association
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But the co-hosting will not assure a comeback of foreign automakers that did not take part in the 2009 show due to the 2008 global financial crisis, JAIA officials said, referring to a factor that caused the latest show to suffer a 56.
The JAIA official cited a recent dearth of new US models for the Japanese market as a key reason for the decline.
At ARL, contact Jaia Barrett, phone 202/232-2466, fax 202/462-7849, email JBARRET@UMDC.
The JAIA labelled these plans as "Housing Suggestions by the Housing Committee of the Cabinet, Canada," but neither journal provided additional commentary or information on the plans Part of Adams' suggestions always had included the provision of grouped houses as well as detached, but Lindenlea was developed and built strictly as a suburb of single detached houses.
The houses of Lindenlea follow the interior planning concepts of Adam's designs for the Federal Housing Committee, as presented in the JAIA and The Builder, but revert to a reinterpretation of more traditional Canadian stylizations (such as the gambrel roof) on the exterior.
Overall sales for fiscal 2009 were the lowest since fiscal 1988, when the corresponding figure came to 142,495 units, the JAIA said.
Jaia Chen asked her class to design a memorial to the victims.
CONTACT: The Horn Group Jaia Zimmerman, 415/905-4021 jzimmerman@horngroup.
Dealers, which took hits from last year's gas price spikes, received an extra blow from a sharp fall in consumer confidence since last fall,'' a JAIA official said, in reference to the impact on consumer psychology of the global economic downturn aggravated by the credit market turmoil induced by the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.