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JBWRJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge (Brooklyn, NY)
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One of the best tour guides for the bay's natural treasures is Don Riepe, the longtime manager of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Now retired from that job, Riepe still lives in Broad Channel, a feisty community of 3,000 that is the only inhabited island in Jamaica Bay.
NYC/Long Island: One of the best places to see wintering waterfowl in New York is Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.
For example, there are over three hundred and forty bird species in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge alone.
Some airports are in close proximity to large concentrations of birds, for example, JFK and Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge on Long Island, New York, but birds do their best to keep out of the way.
Portions of the Bay, most notably the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, have been designated as Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitats by the federal and state governments.
The vascular flora of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, comprising 3,705 hectares, is part of Gateway National Recreation Area, New York, New Jersey.
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