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Jamba 2.0 Jamba Juice announced in early June that it was retiring "juice," a move made as part of broadening the concept's appeal and distancing itself from the sugary associations that consumers have with smoothies.
Whatever it takes, end the rollercoaster of emotions with Jamba Juice's specially-curated Ultimate Smoothie.
said Jamba Juice is a category leaders in the fast growing smoothie and juice category.
Jamba Juice? "Our blends have no pumps, no added purees, and no turbinado sugars," the chain brags.
FHJBI manages the franchise of Jamba Juice in the Philippines, a popular beverage outlet.
While Jamba Juice is currently building out a new space at the bus terminal, the leases with Deli Plus and the USPS will be terminated at the end of January.
Chris Meier, vice president of operations, EcoSure added: We are excited about our new partnership with Jamba Juice, working together to further advance their operations in line with their high standards for guest satisfaction.
Foodmark , the food and beverage division of Landmark Group, entered into a master franchise development agreement in January 2014 to develop Jamba Juice, the US smoothies brand, across the region, with the first six restaurants due to open in the UAE over the coming eight months.
Crowds started queuing hours before the store opened its doors, with people waiting for their first Jamba Juice experience, including keen fans who know the brand from the US eager to enjoy their favourite smoothies in the UAE.
"Consumers like familiarity, and Jamba Juice leads the nation's QSR chains of smoothie shops," she states.
Woods served as a board member for several organizations, including Jamba Juice, Ignite Restaurant Group, National Restaurant Association, BUCA and Lone Star New Market.
Jamba Juice Company, Inc, Emeryville, CA, has introduced its Green Fusion smoothie, which combines the antioxidant power of fruit with a generous dose of vitamins from leafy green vegetables.