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JTKJeff the Killer
JTKJam to Kill (laser jamming)
JTKJames T. Kirk (Star Trek character)
JTKJulius Tallberg-Kiinteistöt (Finland)
JTKJust Type Kill (gaming)
JTKJava Tool Kit
JTKJunior Tennis Kinetics
JTKJohtotietokeskus (Finnish)
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William Shatner, who portrayed the role of Captain James T. Kirk in the original 'Star Trek' series, revealed that none of the actors have received residuals, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
In The Wrath of Khan, released in 1982, Ricardo Montalban--then famous for leading the television series Fantasy Island--creates the most memorable Star Trek villain, Khan Noonien Singh, a maniacal but intelligent man bent on the destruction of James T. Kirk, former captain of the Enterprise and now an admiral in Star Fleet.
As any good Trekkie knows, James T. Kirk earned the reputation for being the only Starfleet Academy cadet ever to have beaten the "no-win" Kobayashi Maru scenario.
(Captain Kirk uses his patented James T. Kirk moves on a comely doctor).
Despite frequent references to a "noninterference" directive in contacting alien civilizations, StarTrek eerily predicts the era of total interventionism, as James T. Kirk, an interstellar Gen.
In this long-awaited, big-screen adventure, Enterprise Captain Jean-Luc Picard (bottom row, with crew, above) will meet his predecessor, Captain James T. Kirk (right), for the first time.
Washington, June 8 ( ANI ): The reboot of the fan-based web series 'Star Trek: Phase II' that was first launched in 2003 has been initiated with new studio and the character of Captain James T. Kirk will now be played by Brian Gross.
Captain James T. Kirk must rescue some survivors of a ship ambushed by Klingons seven years earlier.