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JANOJapanese Association of Northeast Ohio
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After the Jano's attack to the Kurdish family's house to get their girl back, big clashes began between Kurdish people and Jano Clan.
Jano (pronounced yah-no) was tracking two suspects in a stolen car case when he was hit by a Union Pacific freight train Feb.
She leaves a son, Perry Jano and his wife Lisa; 3 grandchildren:, Haley, Hannah, and Nicholas, and 3 sisters: Olga Papakosta of Worcester, and Bia Papadimitriou and Rita Lamarin in Ioannina, Greece.
Goettel and Jano searched the woods, a nearby train trestle and the area beneath the tracks with no luck.
At the camp, the poor people would be provided the best treatment including fixing of the best quality lenses through laser operation, Chairman of the trust, Abdul Rahim Jano told reporter here.
Asi, bajo el signo y el sino de Jano, empieza el 2018 en Mexico: mientras unos se aferran al pasado, otros aspiramos a un porvenir libre de los lastres originados e incrustados en el atraso politico del pais, causa del rezago social y el estancamiento economico.
Continuing that tradition, on Sunday the bar welcomes first-timers DJ Dannic and producers from Italy Simon de Jano & Madwill.
Un repaso sumario a la presencia de Jano en su obra nos retrotraeria al relato de Artificios (1944), "La muerte y la brujula".
I was born in Vietnam and grew up in the forests in Yugoslavia," Jano told the GDN.
Jano labored in the woodshed, pounding the last nails into the coffins he was building for his two sons, who had died earlier that day from diphtheria.
Tibor Jano pleaded guilty to using the Ford Mondeo on Bensham Bank, Gateshead, with no insurance cover.
Jano (Carlos Belloso) rubs himself against Amalia in a very inappropriate way.